Saturday, March 8, 2008

Fun New Project

How do you choose where to take a vacation?

Do you go somewhere that you've never been?

Do you continually go to a place you know you love?
Or do you throw a dart at a map, hoping that it doesn't land in the middle of the Atlantic, cause you're pretty sure that the water is somewhat cold and floating around in the ocean didn't really serve Jack from Titanic very well?

Well, this is my newly acquired project.

Hubby and I landed a babysitter from our church, tentatively scheduled for this summer. Yippee! So, off on our adventure we go, but where? Here's the list of possiblities so far:

I really want to go to Prague before they adopt the Euro in 2010. (BTW- Are we gonna say, "Twenty ten" or "Two thousand ten"? Personally, I like the "twenty".)

But, hubby's business might eventually send him to Munich to check up on one of their subsidiaries there. The plan is to squeeze in Prague and Vienna after the business trip. Question is: Will this ever really happen?


And this could be us!

I really want to go to Paris, because I want hubby to start taking the girls when they each turn 10. I once saw an Oprah interview with Gwenyth Paltrow, and Gwenyth said her father took her there when she was 10 because he wanted her first time in Paris to be with a man who would always love her. Obviously, I need hubby to take me there before he goes with the kids. And we're kinda running out of time.


I feel like the only person left on the planet who has never been. But, is it bad to say that I'm really not all that raring to go? Maybe if I go, I'll see what all the fuss is about.

Savannah, Georgia:

This is the only place in the states right now that I would want to go. It seems like it'd be way more fun and relaxing sans small kiddos. Cause let's be real here, they tend to break things and Savannah's kinda old.

Hubby, of course, wants to go to NYC:

This is always his first answer to the question, "Where should we go on vacay?" But, we've been there, and I now file it under the category of, "Somewhere to Go on an Extended Weekend When You Find a Great Flight".

And I, of course, want to go to the English Countryside, particularly Bath:
(Note: Subsequent blogging should now be read with British accent.)

Is it really, very awful to want to go back again and again to one country and really not even care for the rest of the world? I mean, someone has to support British Tourism. Why can't it be me?

In the future, I fancy I will let a cottage for a fortnight or two and have a go at living in the country. Then maybe I should postpone my holiday in Britain, just for a bit so that I might experience other amiable areas of the world? Righto!(Note: end of accent previously mentioned)

I know that there are a million other places that would be fabulous to go visit. And, honestly, this isn't even my complete list. I could seriously blog about this forever. Too. Many. Gorgeous. Places. Any help? Any ideas? Where's your favorite place? Please, pretty please, give input.


Rochelleht said...

Righto! England for me, every time. Of course, I have a huge list, too, so it may be a while till I see the Brits again.

Hawaii rocks. I felt the same way before I went but I loved it so much and would totally go back.

takemetohawaii said...

I wish I could be of some help, but I have never been to any of those dreamy places so I would be gung ho for any of them! Good luck!

Jean said...

Such a big, exciting world and so little precious time! I think Prague sounds great. Of course, I've never been. And I see nothing wrong with visiting your favorite vacation spot again, in your case, England, but I do have to make a case for Paris, if you're really considering it. Hawaii is also lovely. Was once a skeptic, too, but was won over once I went. We're going to Maui in May and am so looking forward to it!

Michelle said...

I would say either Prague or Paris. Both are places you haven't been to. Of course you could do Hawaii, I hear it's great; never been there myself. But like you I'm not raring to go. There are too many other places that fall ahead of it. I love Savannah but you could do that on a 4 day trip.

Jenni said...

I am with Julianne. I've never been anywhere and all of those places sound great. Good luck choosing.

Leean said...

I am a sahm and have started the long road of decorating my house. I am new to blogs and just happen to come across yours b/c I liked your pic of the french country kitchen. I am definitely into the french country/shabby chic decor.
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Love your blog.
Best Wishes,
I noticed you were a fellow texan.

Chanda said...

Ever been to Montana? I hear it's loads of fun. ;)

PS - that photo of the English cottage is GORGEOUS!!! Can I come too?

restyled home said...

The places you've mentioned are the stuff of dreams for me. I seem to be limited to packing up our camper and heading out...

Fun post!

Emily said...

Um . . . this is a big decision. A friend of mine just moved to Bath, and she says it is beautiful. However, Hawaii REALLY IS WORTH ALL THE FUSS. I want to go again, and I live in the Caribbean!

Laura said...

I say go for Paris!! You need to have that kiss ;)

Laurie said...

Girl, you couldn't go wrong with any of those choices!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I'm new to your blog....found it through the lovely Jean. Your brand of humor is right up my alley, though, i.e., "Subsequent blogging should now be read with British accent." hahahahaha.

Yes! Paris! The photos don't do it justice. There's a feeling you get when you are there...I can't explain it, but if you go, you'll see for yourself. Prague is also very beautiful. I went in 1995 when I was a wee 16 years old, but I distinctly remember the architechture. Amsterdam is also beautiful, as is every single city in Italy. Goodness...happy choosing!

katri said...

well, it's pretty hard to compare Savanna to Paris, but here is my two cents worth...
Hawaii is fun and beautiful, but my fav. thing there was watching the humpback whales that migrate in Feb. (I think) It is lovely, but I got so tired of the cheesy music and mahi-mahi. Don't get me wrong... I'd love to go back, but it's not a top 5.

Paris is magical. I love it. I have not been there with my hub. We were thinking about going to Prague, Paris or Longon before to went to Germany to visit his grandfather. London won... and I am so glad because that was my FAV part of the trip.
I bet you would LOVE Paris with your husband. Actually, I missed you Julie and Rochelle tons while I was in London. No one to talk in a silly Brit accent, and a husb. who called me "Brittney" when I did it anyway. :)

One huge drawback to Europe right now... the dollar STICKS right now.

...probably not even worth two cents... :)