Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wish List

This is just a random post about pretty things. Oh, look, that seems to be the theme of my blog. What a coincidence. Later this summer, we're planning on doing up the gameroom righty-tighty. I'll finally get some built-ins! (Something I've been talking about forever.) So, here's some pictures that I've been looking at to inspire me.

I have two windows that I would love to frame out with shelves. In fact, I would love to have shelves and cabinetry on every wall in the gameroom. Then, I would have a place for all of my Meg Cabot books.

I love built-ins on either side of fireplaces. But, I have windows on either side. Oh, well. I'll just settle for silk drapes.

Who wouldn't love a two-storied library in their home with a spiral staircase to reach all the books.

I love this small niche/bookcase. I'm thinking of it for a half wall I have in my family room.

And this is scrum-didily-umptious! Too bad it's fictional!

Monday, May 19, 2008


Last night was the third and final installment of PBS Masterpiece's Cranford. And I have to say that I'm going to miss it. Would that this was a series and not just a mini one. These ladies were crazy and gossip-y, but sweet and giving. And doesn't that describe all of us? OK, well, doesn't that describe me?

Luckily, the BBC is continuing the drama with more episodes. So, will Mary Smith end up with Dr. Marshland, like the ending suggested,
or with Sir Charles (who I called Willoughby)? Though they had no interaction during the mini-series, I'm still holding out hope, because he's hot. I think that's a good-enough reason.

Will Miss Pole finally relinquish the term "spinster" by marrying long-lost, Indian-nabob Peter? Well, let's hope he's a nabob. Cause can you really carry off Indian-printed scarves wrapped around your neck if you're not rich?

And will Harry find his long lost mother in Julianne Nicholson?

I'm just sayin'!

But in all seriousness, my favorite scene of the entire series was this one. It's a true representation of the adage that if you want friends, be a friend.
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So, the BBC and Elizabeth Gaskell have done it, again. Another English drama that I'm in love with and I can watch over and over. Thank heavens for TiVO.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

If We're Going In, We're Going In Full-Throttle

Is it just me, or does the world start going full-speed ahead when we get into May? I'm sure everyone is as busy, or maybe even busier than me. But, I'll just show you some of what we've been up to.

Through much research (does clicking on a handful of links count as research?), I found that Wisteria is based here in the DFW Metroplex.
So, hubby and I took a small trip to visit their warehouse that is open to the public. Oh, and our three kids. (I swear you could feel the eyebrows raise and the tension rise in the outlet when we walked in, but our kids are really pretty good in furniture stores, so nothing catastrophic happened. And, believe me, they're only good because of lots, and lots and lots of training. IE,
Me:Girls this is one of those stores where we...
Kids (in unison):DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING!)

Anyway, back to the purchases. This outlet ROCKS! I wanted everything in it. Hubby had to restrain me. He kept finding great deals, too. So, we got:

This was the piece that we were specifically looking for. Our finish is different. It's more green and uniform in color, but I still love it. I think the finish is probably why it was being sold at the outlet, cause otherwise, it's in perfect condition.

Hubby found this piece. It's perfect in front the big window in our dining room. Again, the finish is slightly different. Less rustic, more silver. Me likey.

And I couldn't resist these lamps. They were only $10, so we bought two. The birds were broken off, but I just glued them back on and saved $170, each!!!! ( I just looked online to see how expensive they were and almost had a stroke! I had no idea. If I had known, I would have bought more and sold them!)

So, a very successful trip, all in all. Everything we bought cost less than the original price of the bookcase. If you're in Dallas, I HIGHLY recommend it. I'll post pictures once I get everything in place.

*Update* I just have to say that I love my husband. When I called him to gasp at how expensive those lamps were, he was upset that I had blogged about it. To quote him, "But if you tell all your friends about it, then they'll go and buy all the good stuff and there won't be anything left for us." Gotta love a man whose looking forward to shopping for furniture! Oh, and apparently, as a favor to my husband, please don't go.