Thursday, September 27, 2007

Don't Cry Out Loud

So, I don't know if some of you have noticed, but I have a list on my sidebar of "Things You Might Not Know About Me". Number 1 is "I'm a borderline hypochondriac." This just means that everytime I hear someone list symptoms of a disease, it freaks me out, because I usually have at least half of the symptoms! Then, I walk around for the next week or so, imagining my death bed and how my kids will survive without me, and whether or not Hubby will get re-married. Personally, I feel it's just a product of my over-active imagination. (I imagine Hubby dead on the side of the road, alot, if he's a few minutes late and won't answer his cell phone.)

But, I saw a commercial the other night that gave me pause. It was a commercial for Restasis, which is a medicine for people who have problems producing tears. My initial reaction was, "Oh no. What if I have Chronic Dry Eye? That would be so inconvenient!" And then, reality hit, and I just had to laugh at myself. Um, hello, Katrina! You cry at everything! I mean EVERYTHING! Anything that has any emotion behind it at all, and I'm gone! Whether it's people I'm interacting with (and let me tell you, that's always a little embarrassing!), or even more often, something on the TV. Even productions that are so blatantly manipulating you into feeling something, I swell with emotion, and my eyes let it loose! I cry at award shows, at commercials, and for some reason I even cried at that YouTube video of the Mom's William Tell overture. Don't ask why, cause I really don't know.

So, this is a relief. I don't have Chronic Dry Eye. Shwew! Now I just have to go battle my diabetes, anemia and ulcer. (All self-diagnosed, of course!)

Michelle's new video reminded me of this fanvid! Today is Office Day! Woohoo! After over 4 months (139 days, but whose counting?) of waiting, today is finally here! Yippee! Go Team Pam!
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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Send Me an Angel

So, here is something I copied from a design magazine. I was running out of space in my jewelry box. So, I went to Hobby Lobby (I'm getting embarrassed at how much I mention this store!) and bought these two little statues from their garden section.

The fleur de lis holds my necklaces, obviously, and the angel holds whatever I was wearing that day. I move things over to my jewelry box when she gets too cluttered. I really like having my necklaces on display, because it adds color to the room, but more importantly it reminds me of what I have to wear! I can also see what necklaces I haven't worn in a while, because they're on the bottom. That way they don't feel left out of the fun! And, hello! What's more fun than being on Katrina's neck? Well, OK. I can actually think of alot of things. But, whatever.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Fix You

Yes, yes, yes. I've been a negligent blogger. But now I'm a repentant negligent blogger. So, y'all all have to practice forgiveness and completely forget the previous sentences! OK, done.

But, I have a good excuse for my negligence. (What negligence? You told us to forget those sentences!) Here is what I've been up too. First off, my updated fall arrangement. (I'm so lucky to have a Hobby Lobby open down the street from my house!)

I've wanted mirrors underneath the arrangement for a year, now. But it took me a while to figure out how to get that done. Problem solved with candle holders!

Next, my oldest daughter's room. Well, some of it.And here is a close up of the maps over her bed. Just $13 dollars! Thanks PB Teen for the inspiration!

And, finally, the slipcover that I mentioned in a previous blog about biting off more than I can chew! I'm very proud of this project, as it only cost me $15 dollars! We found the wing chair at a garage sale, and I recovered it with left over fabric. I even got the seller to through in the yellow toile pillow in for free! Yea me! (Also, the door in the background was the thing that I painted preparing for Mavens! I've been a busy bee! :D ) And, yes, that is a Jane Austen Action Figure in the background! Aren't you all jealous? ;)

So, now you can see what I've been up to. I'm a little crest fallen as I don't have any projects in the workings right now. I can actually say that I've done everything on my list! :O I guess I'll just have to make a new one!

A special thanks goes to Laurie for letting me borrow her camera and then emailing me the pics! I really need to get my camera fixed!

This Woman's Work

So, tonight I finished Queen of Babble In the Big City. I love Meg Cabot. She gets better and better. I consider myself a little bit Becky Bloomwood who is actually not a Cabot creation, a little bit Lizzie Nichols , and a little bit Heather Wells . But Heather just for her size, not for her adept way of solving crimes.

So, my little Meggy (and, yes, I claim the right to call her Meggy!), has been trying something new with her series of books, both the Queen of Babble and Princess Diaries. I'm intrigued as to why she's venturing off her regular path. But whether it be from personal experimentation or publisher's breathing down her neck, I like the results. She leaves me craving more. And what else can we ask of our favorite authors? (Except Jane Austen. I don't want to crave more, because she's dead and can't satisfy that hunger. [Fan fiction doesn't count! ;)] )

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fall to Pieces

Question of the Ages:
Why is it when you spend three days cleaning and doing projects that at the end, your house is messier than it was to begin with?

OK, well, maybe that's not the "Question of the Ages". That probably sounds more like, "What is our purpose in this life?" ( But it's Katrina's "Question of the Day" just the same.

This week, I'm hosting our Mavens night. A fun Girls Night Out. (A GNO!) I haven't hosted in two years, because I was preempted by Rochelle's slumber party last year. So, I thought this would be a good time to finish up projects and show off my house! Yea! Or so I thought....

I've been working pretty much non-stop this whole week, and right now my house is a disaster zone! I sitting here taking a break after having repaired baby's crib, touch-up paint in the nursery, gone to Wal-Mart (but, really, that doesn't count, cause it's an everyday occurence), re-hung a frame on the mirror, vacuumed, done the dishes, organized the butler's pantry and put away tools! All before 10:30. You'd think that'd put a dent into the dicombobulation that is my house. But you'd be wrong.

To make matters worse (they can get worse?!), my camera broke last week, so I can't even take any pictures of before, after or even during!

OK, so I'm off to steam clean, dust, vacuum, organize, paint, and sew a slip cover! Ack! What have I gotten myself into?

Oh, and if any of you that are reading this are Mavens, disregard the above. My house always looks like it will on Thursday night. It takes no effort or work on my part. I lie around the house all day eating bonbons! ;)

Monday, September 17, 2007

Geek in the Pink

This is the post where I come out of my Office closet. See, most of you have been deceived in just what kind of a fan I am. But I still have a little secret...I'm a much bigger flan than you've ever imagined!

Last night was the much anticipated (by me)Emmy Awards. Where the stars from the small screen come to bore us with their acceptance speeches listing people that we've never heard of before. Ah, especially this viewer who only tuned in to see all of her beloved Office stars accept the awards that they deserve. You can imagine, then, my dismay at The Office cast being shut out! :O As if these Emmy's weren't bad enough being on Fox (actually starting late because of FOOTBALL!!!), being in the round (Um, hello! Two-thirds of the audience will only see the backs of people!), and being hosted by Ryan Seacrest (who couldn't go 5 minutes without an American Idol reference). But there were three events that saved the night for me, and if you watched it, then you already know what I'm referring to!

First up, Steve Carell presenting an award:

At least we got some cute footage of the cast!

But then there was this:

Watching Kanye West giggle at Rainn makes me lose it every time!

And finally, vindication!

This is Greg Daniels, Executive Producer and creater of the American version of The Office. He won "Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series". (And I'm gonna admit that I totally knew everyone he listed in his acceptance speech!) So, I'm proud that my favorite show took home something. (Actually they won two editing awards in the Creative Arts Emmys that never air.

Now, here's some pics of my fav actors all pretty-fied!

Jenna, poor thing, broke 4 vertebrae in her back this last spring. She said she had to choose a dress that let her lower back be free. Personally, I love it!!!

Is it just me, or did John get some tips from George during his filming of Leatherheads? Mmmm, yummy!
Angela always surprises me by how pretty she is!Mindy's looking fab here! Her body is rockin! She must've lost at least twenty pounds this past year!The lovely Melora, who's always a little daring! I was this close to not showing a picture of Rashida Jones, but she really looked beautiful! I just have the hardest time liking her, because I hate her character so much!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Talk Talk

Our littlest one is adding lots of words to her vocab. Over Labor Day we went to our favorite hotel and she added two new ones: im-poop and butt. Read: swimsuit and button (for the elevator). I'm not exactly sure why she chooses potty words to represent normal things, but, whatever!

She's getting very good at letting you know exactly what she wants. Today in the store, she wanted to be entertained. She put her hands on her head and said, "Een toe", which means, "Mom, could you please sing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes while I do the actions?" She mostly pats her head until you get to the face part and she just goes straight to the nose. But, she's very proud of herself, so don't ever let her know that she's missing some parts!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Fast Car

So, here's the foot update: it's NOT broken! Yea!!! The doctor said that I must be drinking my milk (which I totally do). But, there is a contusion. So, I've had to lie around the house this weekend with my foot propped up. My lovely parents came and helped me out yesterday. It was great because navigating those stairs has been difficult, especially if I'm lugging around the little one!

So, today I've been taking it easy. My friend and I went shopping in the morning, cause I was feeling better, but we quickly realized that was a mistake! :O

My van's battery died today. We've had a string of breakdowns this summer and we're ready for a new car! We're hoping to make it a couple more months, but by the end of this year I will be driving either this.

Or this.So, it's between the Mazda CX-9 or the Honda Pilot. The girls vote for the Pilot, because apparently the Mazda's wheels look silly. Which one do you think?

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Bad Day

So, I had a pretty horrible day that started with a broken foot (I'll go to the doctor tomorrow, but I'm thinking it has to be broken!)and ended with a car accident. Luckily, the car wasn't hurt, nor any of the kids. Ugh. (Ask Rochelle if you want more details, she was there.)

But in between horribleness was a cute interchange between my girl and Gracie.

A:(crying)I want Gracie to live with us!
Grace: But I'll miss my family if I live with you. Maybe you can live with me.
A: But I'll miss my family if I live with you.
G: But my dad is funnier than your dad.
A: My dad smells.
G: My whole family smells!
Ahhh, gotta love 4-year olds!

P.S. This is an old picture. It's actually the first day of preschool, last year!

The Display's the Thing to Catch the King- Act II

Here is fall. It was very exciting to get all this out and not spend any money! (Since last fall, almost all of it was new, including the two hurricanes.)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

School Daze

So, yesterday was the first day of preschool for my middle girl. She was excited. She wanted to take pictures out front just like her bigger sister, and a video, too. (Here, she is waving to Gracie, the only way I could get a true smile out of her!)

The past few days she's been cracking me up. On the way to the preschool open house, she took a little tumble while walking to the car. When we were driving there she said, "Mom, my dress has a green spot. And it tastes like grass!" :O

While at the open house, she was in the back playing. There is this cute little boy in her class. Last year, she would come home and say, "[insert boy name here] dresses like a girl." For a while, I thought some little boy was being sent to school in inappropriate clothing. But, then I realized that instead of dressing up like Spiderman during play time, he was in the princess dresses with the rest of the girls. Anyway, at the open house last week, I looked into the back room. My girl, totally straight-faced, was just pointing to the boy who was in full-on princess regalia, head to toe! She just wanted me to know that she was right!