Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thank You, HGTV!!!

Okay, I've already blogged about how my style changed overnight.  Literally.  Well, not literally.  Figuratively.  At a fast pace, anyway.  One of the reason's is because of the super cool show called Design, Inc.  We don't get the Style channel, so when I got it for a month for free, I DVR'd all of the Sarah Richardson shows I could get my hands on.  And I discovered Sarah's House.

I just want to say that all of her design's are a little bit of heaven.  Crisp, bright, light, etc. 
And now, HGTV is finally showing her stuff!  Yippee!  My design education can be continued every Saturday night.  Now, if only I had thousands of dollars to renovate...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Simple Little Project

I made pj bottoms for the girls for Christmas this year.  My friend Summer sent me a link to Handmade Mommy and her post about pattern-less pajamas.   Since I had to make three different sizes this was perfect! Yippee. 

After I cut them out using other pj bottoms, I sewed ruffles on the hem.  When I do pajamas, I always sew wrong sides together when adding ruffles or cuffs. 
Then I can add ribbon to cover the seam.  It makes the pajamas less itchy, no thread or seam allowance against your legs.  Also, I sew french seams, again to eliminate itch.
Here's my youngest in hers.  She made me finish them for her preschool Christmas party, which was a pajama party.  Then we got there and it wasn't.  Oh, well, still cute!