Saturday, January 30, 2010


About two years ago I woke-up one day and my sense of style had totally changed!  Okay, maybe it wasn't that sudden or drastic, but that's how it felt.  I had to hide it from hubby for a while, because I had already been spending alot of time and money on the house and I didn't want to go to him and say, "Remember that room that I just finished last month?  Well, now I hate it." 

My first room that just had to be changed was the formal living.  We weren't using it and I felt that we were paying for square footage that was totally being wasted.  So, I just slowly got rid of everything that bugged me. 

Now, I'm totally happy and I sit on the stairs across from it and just soak it in.  It's exactly what I wanted, eclectic and fresh. 

After. This is the view from the front door.   I slipcovered two wingbacks that I got at a garage sale.  The ottoman is made from the fabric as the slipcovers.  I didn't
make it though.  I'm too chicken.  Maybe next time,  now that I have one to copy...
This is the view from the stairs. Sigh.  I heart pink. 
The glass desk was a find on craigslist.  A steal at $70. Which was much better than the William Sonoma that was breaking my heart at $1200.
An orchid.  Just cause I like it. And I'm very proud that I've kept it alive for a few months. 

I've actually done alot around the house recently.  Maybe I'll get around to posting about it all.  Now I'm off to do science projects!

I've linked with Thrifty Decor's Before and After Party.  Have fun! And Shades of Pink.  What a great name!