Monday, September 24, 2007

This Woman's Work

So, tonight I finished Queen of Babble In the Big City. I love Meg Cabot. She gets better and better. I consider myself a little bit Becky Bloomwood who is actually not a Cabot creation, a little bit Lizzie Nichols , and a little bit Heather Wells . But Heather just for her size, not for her adept way of solving crimes.

So, my little Meggy (and, yes, I claim the right to call her Meggy!), has been trying something new with her series of books, both the Queen of Babble and Princess Diaries. I'm intrigued as to why she's venturing off her regular path. But whether it be from personal experimentation or publisher's breathing down her neck, I like the results. She leaves me craving more. And what else can we ask of our favorite authors? (Except Jane Austen. I don't want to crave more, because she's dead and can't satisfy that hunger. [Fan fiction doesn't count! ;)] )


takemetohawaii said...

I will have to check those out!