Monday, September 17, 2007

Geek in the Pink

This is the post where I come out of my Office closet. See, most of you have been deceived in just what kind of a fan I am. But I still have a little secret...I'm a much bigger flan than you've ever imagined!

Last night was the much anticipated (by me)Emmy Awards. Where the stars from the small screen come to bore us with their acceptance speeches listing people that we've never heard of before. Ah, especially this viewer who only tuned in to see all of her beloved Office stars accept the awards that they deserve. You can imagine, then, my dismay at The Office cast being shut out! :O As if these Emmy's weren't bad enough being on Fox (actually starting late because of FOOTBALL!!!), being in the round (Um, hello! Two-thirds of the audience will only see the backs of people!), and being hosted by Ryan Seacrest (who couldn't go 5 minutes without an American Idol reference). But there were three events that saved the night for me, and if you watched it, then you already know what I'm referring to!

First up, Steve Carell presenting an award:

At least we got some cute footage of the cast!

But then there was this:

Watching Kanye West giggle at Rainn makes me lose it every time!

And finally, vindication!

This is Greg Daniels, Executive Producer and creater of the American version of The Office. He won "Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series". (And I'm gonna admit that I totally knew everyone he listed in his acceptance speech!) So, I'm proud that my favorite show took home something. (Actually they won two editing awards in the Creative Arts Emmys that never air.

Now, here's some pics of my fav actors all pretty-fied!

Jenna, poor thing, broke 4 vertebrae in her back this last spring. She said she had to choose a dress that let her lower back be free. Personally, I love it!!!

Is it just me, or did John get some tips from George during his filming of Leatherheads? Mmmm, yummy!
Angela always surprises me by how pretty she is!Mindy's looking fab here! Her body is rockin! She must've lost at least twenty pounds this past year!The lovely Melora, who's always a little daring! I was this close to not showing a picture of Rashida Jones, but she really looked beautiful! I just have the hardest time liking her, because I hate her character so much!


Michelle said...

I had to laugh at what you wrote for Rashida. Too funny. I hear you though, it is SO hard for me to like her. Thanks for this post. It was great reliving the clips. I watched it too and thought of calling you. Wish I had!

ps. I gave you an award on my blog. Go check it out.

Joy said...
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Joy said...

Hi Katrina,

Thanks for the visit on my blog! So glad I came to visit you as well because I LOVE THE OFFICE TOO!!! Great post!

p.s. I made a major typo in my first comment so I deleted it! lol

Joy :)

Laura said...

Katrina- thanks for the awesome Office post! They all look amazing! I wish I had seen it!

Aurora said...

Great post! It was almost like I was there... or like I was watching and wishing that I was there!
Great blog- can my blog be like yours when it grows up???

Megan said...

I didn't even know the emmy's were on this week. I love this post. It was a perfect recap of all the parts I would have wanted to see.

Tip Junkie said...

This is one of the many things I love about you! I quite enjoy your passion for life and beautiful things. It makes life a little brighter.