Thursday, May 27, 2010

Last Resort

I've blogged in the past few months.  I swear I have.  Just none of the posts made it past the "draft" stage.  I would start one, thinking it was a cute idea, and then give up for lack of funny, pictures or just plain common sense. 

So, forgive me, since I have no other ideas, as I blog solely about my littlest daughter, who's been saying some pretty amusing things.  Run-on, you say?  Whateves!
Amusing Moment No. 1

Littlest: [While jumping on the bed.] Mom, how do you say bathroom in Spanish?
Me: I don't know, honey.  I don't speak Spanish.
Littlest: That's silly, Mom.  Everyone can speak Spanish.  You just make it up.  Like, my Spanish word for monkey is monk-o.

I'm wondering if she thinks that Spanish is made for Dora and not real.  Like Klingon.

No. 2

While watching TV.
Littlest: [Pointing to the TV.]That's the Vampire State Building!  We're going there this summer!
Me: The Vampire State Building?  Do vampires live there?
Littlest: ...No.
Me: Why do they call it the Vampire State Building then?
Littlest:  Because of the pointy tooth on top.

No. 3
While riding in the car she pouted, "Mom, why don't we have a baby, instead of just a baby doll?"  Poor kid.  I keep telling her that we have a baby and she's 4.  She's not buying it.

No. 4
And I quote, "I'm tired of watching Dora.  She always needs my help."
Poor Dora.  Speaking a made-up language and chasing fans away with her neediness.  At least she doesn't have to live with the un-dead.