Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In love

I love alot of things in my life: hubby,


the gospel

I know that I'm totally blessed and I wouldn't change anything in my life.


Why aren't I British?

My family patiently and supportively and maybe a little enablingly puts up with my obsession.  They will go for huge lengths of time speaking in British accents with me.  (Read: in the car on the way to Home Depot.)  They let me watch all the DVR'd PBS Jane Austen movies I want while I'm sick.  And they always point out anything that comes from the UK. 
I'm not British.  I don't say "Oy!" or "Cheers!"  I say "Y'all" and "Fixin' to".  I didn't ever wear a uniform in school.  I don't know how to play Rugby or Cricket.  But , I can change all that!  (Well, not the uniform to school thing, cause there's no way I'm repeating junior high!  I mean, secondary school.)

I have an evil plan.  I wonderful, fantabulous evil plan.  I will live in England for a summer!  Muahahahahaha!  I will rent a cottage in the woods. 
 And we'll walk to the village to get food.  And we'll tootle the countryside in a Mini-Coop. 

I will basically be these two movies put together! 
Happy Katrina! 
I've always been really good at math.

There is a drawback.  No hubby.  He will be home in Texas earning the money that I'll be spending.  But, he'll cross the pond and we'll go on a grand tour to the Continent. 
Also, this will not be happening anytime soon.  I totalled up some figures and was shocked at the sum. 
But, it's a dream.  I am like Susan Boyle. 
I've dreamed a dream my life could be so different.  Or, at least, my summer.


The Hofer Family said...

I saw your blog when commenting on Diana's. Your girls are too cute. Your mom is my visiting teacher, so I get to hear all about them. I'm glad I will get to see them now.

the Holyoaks said...

Hee hee! I had that dream once too. But it was before I was married and had kids. So I'm very impressed that you still have it. I have no doubt that one day you will live your dream. Maybe I'll come along too... I'm so glad to have your blog! I haven't seen you in ages but I think about you often. My niece Megan (Peggy's daughter) is going to be a senior next year and I had to convince her to go to BYU. It made me think of you and how I'll always be grateful to you for encouraging me to go to BYU. I always tell people that you're the reason I went. Anyway, I love your blog. You inspire me to be more creative!

Katrina said...

Diana, I was totally going to take credit for your cute baby's BYU tshirt. But then I thought it would make me look really conceited. So, I didn't. :-)

Rochelleht said...

Ah, I love all those things, too. Those are GREAT pics of the girls. And I just loved that Emma. It took me a bit, but once got over my issues, I loved it.

Wendy Niceler said...

HI Katrina!!
I am so happy to be blog buddies now. I've missed you! I have loved going through your blog and seeing your beautiful girls and your lovely home. Wow-you can decorate! It's amazing what you can do when you have more to work with than a small dorm room and some bunkbeds:)
Oh and I LOVE the movie The Holiday too! I tear up every time I watch it. Ryan tells me all the time that I secretly want to be British. I always look at him and say "What do you mean secretly??" Hello- England is Fabulous!!
Let's stay in touch.
"Cheers" Wendy

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Lila said...

Hey I just stumbled across your blog via House of Turquoise! Your kids are darling. Oh, and I'm LDS too! Crazy! oh, and you're probably not british for a reason. Sorry my dear!
Lila Ferraro
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