Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Such a Sucker

So, we were drawn in again to decorate yet another church activity. We were asked by someone who was going to be "out of town" and couldn't do it. Do you understand why "out of town" is in quotes? Yeah.

But, it's fine and I actually like doing it, even with the stress and time it takes to get it done. Getting the compliments in the end is totally worth it for me, being the self-proclaimed "praise junky" that I am. I think it did turn out well (sorry, no pictures), though I am now aware that a man and his wife left because she has a latex balloon allergy and there were too many balloons in the air. No, I'm not lying. He announced it at a meeting yesterday, right in front of hubby who did a super amount of work for this event. And then mentioned that people should be more supportive and aware. But I thought that latex allergies were activated by skin contact. Did she think the balloons were going to attack, like these poor people?

But other than that, really, it went well.

Our theme was "Temples". And in the process I came up with amazing pictures of some LDS temples from around the world. Here are some of my favorite:
Accra, Ghana

Logan, Utah

London, England

Oakland, California

Snowflake, Arizona

Rexburg, Idaho

San Antonio, Texas

Can you tell that almost all my favorite shots are during sunsets? Aren't they beautiful? If you'd like to learn more about the temples click here. If you'd like to learn more about latex balloon allergies, then I'm very sorry for you.


Rochelleht said...

Ok, very funny. I'm glad it all came out great. Did you end up doing the temple pictures on the tables? How did that turn out?

I'm sure you're glad it's over, anyway. :-) I'll be seeing you soon!!

Katrina said...

Yes, I did the pictures, but we just sent them to Walmart to print out 5X7s and put them in acryllic frames. Very simple, but effective and proper for a social. Can't wait to see you!

Beth said...

I can't believe that you would make fun of someone with a latex allergy. My son has a latex allergy and it is very serious allergy. NO it is not just trigger by skin contact. And yes you should be supportive and aware of those with a latex allergy, just like you would with someone who has a peanut allergy. Be educated not ignorant!!!

Beth said...


Jenni said...

Wow! I am a bit flabbergasted at the critisizing Beth, I am sure you have no idea what it is like to decorate for hundreds of people on a very small budget only to be blasted for using balloons.

I am sorry the lady had a latex allergy but wouldn't it have been much better if she had told someone before the decorating was done that she had a problem, not whined about it after when nothing could be done.

I commend you Katrina, I know how hard you worked and it's just difficult to make everyone happy.

Katrina said...

Beth, why all the yelling? That makes me sad. I wasn't insulting your boy, or even her. I honestly didn't understand the allergy and was defensive because this man was criticizing something that I put in alot of time and effort into. Be nice if you post a comment. I really don't like to be yelled at, at home or on the web.

Beth said...

It is one thing to be upset because someone didn't appreciate the work you put into something. And I am sure it looked great, I have seen the pictures of your house on your blog, but you were making fun of her...'Did she think the balloons were going to attack, like these poor people?' And I am sure her husband wasn't trying to be rude, he was protecting his wife, who could have stopped breathing from the latex. If you don't understand about a condition someone has you should ask them about it, not go onto your blog and ridicule them.

homedotmade said...

I too came here to comment on the seriousness of allergies and how they can be transmitted through the air and not just by actual contact. Perhaps I too may have come on strong, because although we don't deal with latex allergy, we have also experienced ignorance in those who don't understand how allergies work.

But that's where our difference seems to end. I assumed that it was a lack of understanding and not a malicious attack that caused you to post what you did. I understand that you were frustrated.

I even agree with you on your point that if there is a latex allergy, it should have been brought up early on in the discussion, not once things were decided.

I have read your posts by feed for quite some time now and this won't cause me to stop, I am just a little disappointed that you didn't take the higher road and learned more before you posted something so insensitive.

Shimber said...

Beth, I am less inclined to care about your son's allergy because of the poor way you handled expressing the seriousness of it in your reply to this post of Katrina's. You could have been much more informative without being inflammatory. People will listen to and learn from you if you learn that skill.

Well done, Katrina, for picking up the slack when someone was "out of town" and doing a great job of it!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh the light in those photos is fantastic! I too love places of worship at sunset. When I was a student someone did a collection of people entering and leaving synagogues on Friday evenings and I always wished I'd been brave enough to ask her for some copies.

Laura said...

Sorry to have missed what sounds like a great party! We never had activities in that ward when we lived there! Way to pick up the slack and make it a great night for everyone!

PS- Can't we all just get along ;) I don't think anyone was trying to be insensitive or mean :)

Laura said...

PS my kids have SERIOUS milk allergies but I don't expect the world to stop eating ice cream or cut it out of every party they ever go to- that's just the way it is for us... I don't think people are being rude when they serve it without thinking of us first!! Come on people!!

Casey said...

I thought I already left a comment but I guess it didn't go through for some reason. Anyway, all I have to say is that if you really knew Katrina like I know her, you would not think she was being mean in any way. She is a very kind hearted, fun -loving person. I'm sure the decorations were beautiful because I know how talented you are. The temple pictures are really very pretty.

Laurie said...

Let's get honest Ladies. This is Katrina's blog and she can make fun of anyone she wants to!

Even though that was not her intent. She was just making light of the only feedback she recieved from all her hard work. And that was a ton of work on a very slim budget.

I too have children with problems and I don't expect the world to stop becuase of them. We quietly make adjustments and/or avoid certain situations all together.

I would never make a fuss about a party that was thrown for hundreds of people just because of my trial.

Katrina has such a quick wit and great sense of humor and it was funny!

Let's not attack people just because they emphasize our insecurities. Seriously!

aurora said...

Firstly, it sounds like you did a fabulous job on the decorations. And the temple pictures are gorgeous. You always have such pretty posts.
Secondly, what the heck?? I thought that your witty comments were really funny. You didn't come across as attacking or insensitive.

Me said...


I was wondering if you took the picture of the San Antonio temple. I would like to paint it and sell copies of my rendering of it. If you took the photo or know who might have could you please let me know. Thank you very much. I appreciate it. jhw.hazel@gmail.com