Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Boyfriend

Here's a picture of my new boyfriend. Silver! I'm so proud!
Way to go, Jonathan!

Okay, time for another pretty movie, I think. How bout you? Well, actually, you don't get a vote.

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day came out today on DVD. I ran out and bought myself a copy. I loved this movie in the theater, and really wanted to sew today, so instead of renting, I just bought it. That's my new thing. Buying instead of renting. Yes, I know, total waste of money. But it's my money, so there. Plus, as Rochelle taught me, I love doing laundry to beautiful movies. Plus, obviously sewing. OK, enough rambling, onto the prettiness.

Look at this bedroom. To die for!

Gold wallpaper. Just, wow!

See the tile? I'm going to do something like this in my house somewhere, sometime. Just you wait. (Boy, I'm testy today! Wonder why? Hm.)

Wanna live here? Yeah, me too.

The Savoy. Yummy! Katri, let's stay here, next time!

The piece de resistance! I want a room with feathers hanging from the ceiling.

Lee Pace! I was actually totally bummed when I found out that his English accent was fake! Waaaaahhhhh! He's sooo much sexier with it. No? Just like this guy.

If you don't know who this is, run out and rent The Forsyte Saga right now. Not, Fantastic Four, where he doesn't have an accent. Well, he does, but it's American, so it doesn't count. OK, this blog is getting out of hand. It's suppose to be about pretty rooms, not pretty men. But I can't help myself. I blame it on the Excedrin.

OK, so in conclusion:

Yippee, Jonathan!

Pretty Pettigrew.





Rebecca said...

Hey, you're pretty good on Excedrin. LOL! Thanks for the morning eye candy. :)

aurora said...

Blockbuster, here I come!
Oh, and you and Excedrin are a great match. ☺ Fun!

Chanda said...

That was hilarious!

takemetohawaii said...

I am just laughing at this post. :) hee, hee. I have to see this movie!

Jill said...

Katrina, I just love your blog. You are so funny!

Laura said...

That was TOOOO funny! Those rooms are beautiful!!!! Those colors remind me of your dining room!

Liz said...

I'm thinking you need to take Excedrin more often... Pretty men, pretty rooms- is there a difference? ;)

Jenni said...

Silly at 2am always makes for great posts! This was just fun(ny)!

y m said...

Love your blog! And I am totally renting this movie - it looks fantastic!