Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lullaby (Of Sorts!)

Years ago when our oldest was a baby, hubby had a job that made him work insane amounts of hours. Add that to the fact that he was in the bishopric and that equated to not being able to see him much. So, in order to actually spend some time with our baby, he started putting her to bed. This turned into a routine that has not wavered since. (And let me just say how much I love that!) Some nights, it's pure craziness around here, and over hearing the conversations is just too much fun. So, I wrote down all hubby was saying last night. I only wrote down what he said, because frankly, that's all I heard. Here is the jist of the conversation:

(Names have been changed to protect the innocent.)

  • "Get off of her, Cinderella!"

  • "C'mon!"

  • "Stop it, Cinderella!"

  • "Bedtime!"

  • "Brush teeth."

  • "Cinderella!"

  • "Go ask Mom for Belle's blanket."

  • "Go ask Mom for Belle's blanket."

  • "Belle, stop."

  • "Stop!"

  • "Do you know where it is?"

  • "Girls, get in your room."

  • "Get in your room, now!"

  • "Put your arm through, Belle."

  • "Put your head through, Belle."

  • "Put your arm through, Belle."

  • "C'mon."

  • "Will you please put your arm through?"

  • "What?"

  • "Whatee?"

  • "C'mere"

  • "Uuurrrrgh!"

  • "I'll go get your blanket."

  • "C'mon."

  • "Cinderella, c'mon."

  • "Go to bed."

At this point, it became obvious that we couldn't find little one's best friend/blanket! :O I've actually looked everywhere, called stores I went to, and even got in the car last night to re-trace my steps. Nowhere to be found. So, poor baby, will have to make friends with a new blanket. I loved that thing! All three girls used it, and it was still in great shape.

So, that's our bedtime in a nutshell. There is the obligatory storytime, scripture study and prayer, but the funny part is overhearing him wrangling with them. Is your bedtime as crazy?


Casey Norr said...

Rob puts our kids to bed too. It is wonderful and goes so much more smoothly than when I try to do it. If he is around, I don't even go near them and he has them in bed in no time. Cute dialog. I can just hear "your hubby" talking to them in a loud but calm voice because I know him and he is a gentle person.

Megan said...

Drew puts are kids to bed as well. I love that tradition. I loved reading the dialog. It made me laugh and it made me think about what my dialog would be if Drew was writing down everything that I said all day long!

Us said...

I put the kids to bed, whoa is me. Lily would not sleep without the bebe, which is what we call her blanket. It was made by my grandma for Alex but she has adopted it. Many a night we have spent searching for it, only to find it in an odd place like the pantry or Ed's closet. We don't let it leave the house, for one thing it looks really bad for an almost 4 year old to be carrying it around and another we wouldn't dare lose it. The only other thing she can't live without it attached to her hand (thankfully).

Katrina said...

She found her blanket! Yea!!!! I was typing online and she just walked up with it. I still have NO idea where that thing was. We searched the entire house! She justed layed down on the floor with her face in it, kicking her feet! So cute!

Laura said...

I hear you on the blanket! William has had the same one since he was born. When I ralized he was attached- I ran out and bought the same one for a back-up! I rotate them in the wash-it's been a life saver to have two!

Tip Junkie said...

I usually put Drake to bed and we tag team the other 2. Unless I'm cranky - then the big guy's on his own. ;) I'll admit that it's my least favorite part of the day. I keep wondering why they don't have the schedule down pat and do it automatically themselves? Really. They've been doing the same routine all their lives! ;)