Monday, May 19, 2008


Last night was the third and final installment of PBS Masterpiece's Cranford. And I have to say that I'm going to miss it. Would that this was a series and not just a mini one. These ladies were crazy and gossip-y, but sweet and giving. And doesn't that describe all of us? OK, well, doesn't that describe me?

Luckily, the BBC is continuing the drama with more episodes. So, will Mary Smith end up with Dr. Marshland, like the ending suggested,
or with Sir Charles (who I called Willoughby)? Though they had no interaction during the mini-series, I'm still holding out hope, because he's hot. I think that's a good-enough reason.

Will Miss Pole finally relinquish the term "spinster" by marrying long-lost, Indian-nabob Peter? Well, let's hope he's a nabob. Cause can you really carry off Indian-printed scarves wrapped around your neck if you're not rich?

And will Harry find his long lost mother in Julianne Nicholson?

I'm just sayin'!

But in all seriousness, my favorite scene of the entire series was this one. It's a true representation of the adage that if you want friends, be a friend.
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So, the BBC and Elizabeth Gaskell have done it, again. Another English drama that I'm in love with and I can watch over and over. Thank heavens for TiVO.


Jenni said...

I really enjoyed it and am sad Masterpiece is over for the season. I hope they bring it back next year.

Rochelleht said...

Oh, I so super loved it!! I totally sobbed last night when Peter came back. Though, I wish there had been an explanation of the whole crazy-carrying-a-baby thing. That was weird...

Chanda said...

Can't wait to watch this and re-read this post. I have tons of stuff Tivo-ed since I've been out of town and have been anxious to start this one. Mmmm, I smell carmel corn.

Barbara said...

I have been addicted to Masterpiece ever since they did Jane Austen's complete works. I too tivoed and enjoyed this series. Did you watch "my Boy Jack?"