Monday, September 13, 2010

House of Turquoise

I had a plan for my life.  It didn't come to fruition, but it was a good plan.  Finish school.  Get MBA.  Move to Milan and have an awesome apartment with a white couch,

chrome/glass coffee table,

and turquoise pillows. 

Yes, the design of the apartment was part of the plan.

Lately, I've been trying to capture the look that's been in my head for 15 years and apply it to my suburban home.  Who cares if it's not an apartment in Milan with a big picture window?

So, imagine my shear joy! when I discovered House of Turquoise.  Erin blogs all about her favorite color (and mine)! These are some of the pics that took my breath away. 
This is the bathroom I want.  This is almost the bathroom I have, except my doors on the vanity are peeling and breaking.  The sink is chipped.  We have a builder's grade mirror, and no wainscotting.  And there is no Carrera marble in our bathroom, much to my dismay.  Okay, so the only similarity is the paint color. I'm dreamin' here!

Wowza! Me likey!


Okay, seriously.  I'm gonna bust a gut.

Just peaceful. Really.

And for the piece de resistance...
It's like my dream room.  I love this room so much I could cry.  My two older girls happen to walk by the computer when I first saw this.  They did double takes and joined their momma in the droolin'.

So, don't be suprised if I blatantly rip-off  take inspiration from these rooms.  Also, check out Everything Turquoise.  Erin posts daily on items for sale that are, you guessed it, turquoise.  If turquoise isn't your thing,  (that's okay, more for me) click on Decor by Color, Erin's link to her other blogs based on colors-she has lots!  But I'll stick to my beloved turquoise, because who wouldn't love this?


Rochelleht said...

HA HA! I'd say that you already have those rooms. Really. Not far off.

Erin said...

You are so sweet! Thanks for such a kind mention of my blogs! You shared some of my all-time favorite rooms here. That last one I think is the most synonymous with my own style. It's just perfect in every way! I too dreamed for so long of having a white couch!

Karena said...

Katrina, too much, I found you at Erin's site and saw that you loved the peacock print as well! I am also going to check the other links you mentioned!

Have you entered my Latest Giveaway from the French Basketeer? I think you will love it!

Art by Karena

the Holyoaks said...

Very cool sites. I could spend a lot of time drooling over all of the pretty pictures.

Chris G said...

Please Please Please tell me where I can find that glass coffee table. I'm in love and I absolutely MUST have it.

InMyOwnStyle said...

Hi Katrina-
Fun post. It is fun to look at all those inspiring photos. I hope you get your white sofa and turqouise pillow someday :)

My best- Diane